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Electric traction motor bearing

Edit:Shandong Yunhua Bearing Co., Ltd. Time:2023-06-20

Traction motor bearing unit

A bearing solution that reduces maintenance needs and extends maintenance intervals

The drive systems for railway applications such as gearboxes and traction motors must be sturdy, reliable, cost-effective, and have low maintenance requirements. This requires the use of special bearings and bearing units.

The NYH traction motor bearing unit (TMBU) is based on a compact and space saving design, which can reduce maintenance requirements and extend repair intervals. As a result, lower lifecycle costs can be achieved.

TMBU is a sealed pre lubricated bearing unit designed specifically for flange mounting on the motor casing. This unit uses a special lubricating grease that has a longer lubrication life even under high temperature operating conditions. The bearing unit is also equipped with a non-contact labyrinth seal that will not wear out.

To reduce the risk of damage caused by current passing through bearings, a hybrid design of INSOCOAT coating or ceramic rolling elements can be used to achieve electrical insulation. Overall, using TMBU and properly installed mechanical devices can greatly reduce friction, frictional heat, and wear.