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Electrically-insulated bearing

Edit:Shandong Yunhua Bearing Co., Ltd. Time:2023-06-20

Insulated bearings include all rolling bearings that can prevent the passage of current. Both bearings with ceramic coating on the inner and outer rings are called insulated bearings. Ceramic coating can prevent the passage of current and has insulation ability. The rolling element of hybrid bearings is made of ceramic material, therefore it also has insulation ability. It is prevented from passing through by the rolling element of the bearing.

Reasons for using insulated bearings in motors

Overcurrent can occur in rolling bearings for the following applications:

1) Wheel set bearings and traction motors (rail vehicles)

2) DC and AC motors (power transmission system)

3) Generator (Wind Power)

Under unfavorable working conditions, this may lead to damage to the raceway and rolling element, as well as aging of lubricants, leading to premature failure of the motor or generator. In addition to the need to pay for maintenance costs, there will also be additional costs due to downtime and production stoppage. A more economical solution is to use insulated bearings during the motor design phase. This will greatly reduce the maintenance costs of the equipment and improve the utilization rate of the machine, which means bringing huge value to customers. Generally speaking, depending on the application situation, simply replacing one or both bearings of the motor with insulated bearings can completely cut off the current between the bearing seat and the shaft.