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Industry Information

Precautions for installation and lubrication maintenance of cylindrical roller bearings

Edit:Shandong Yunhua Bearing Co., Ltd. Time:2023-06-12

Generally speaking, bearing installation is determined by the structure, size, and installation part of the bearing, as well as its shape and nature. It is also important to lubricate and clean the bearings before installation:

Installation precautions for bearings:

1. The fit between the bearing ring and the shaft is mostly a transitional fit, and the fit between the bearing seat and the bearing seat hole is mostly a clearance fit. This fit is generally relatively easy to install, and the middle shaft of the bearing should be fixed on the shaft to avoid unnecessary wear caused by the rotation of the ring relative to the circumference.

In terms of the installation method of bearings here, there are more methods of rotating installation, which can make the inner ring and shaft fit more tightly.

2. When the outer ring of a cylindrical roller bearing fits loosely with the bearing seat, and the inner ring fits tightly with the shaft, a professional press used during bearing installation can be used to press the bearing onto the shaft first, and then install it together with the shaft and bearing into the bearing seat. When applying pressure for installation, pay attention to punching the surface of the inner ring of the bearing, and then pad a sleeve made of soft metal, made of copper or soft steel, When the inner diameter of the assembly sleeve is larger than the diameter of the journal and the outer diameter is smaller than the edge of the inner ring, it is necessary to avoid applying pressure to the cage.

Lubricating oil is an essential protective material for bearings. It can completely flush into the internal space of the bearing, enveloping the cage and rolling element. It not only has no impact on the operation and operation of cylindrical roller bearings, but also greatly extends the service life of the bearings. However, due to the frequent use of lubricating oil, certain oil stains will be generated, and if the oil stains are not removed in a timely manner, it will affect the service life of the bearings, so it is necessary to remove the oil stains.

1. When cleaning the bearings of bearings, the balls, ball racks, and inner rings should be horizontally rotated out of the outer ring and then immersed in hot oil. When cleaning short cylindrical roller bearings, the rollers, ball racks, inner rings, and outer rings should also be separated.

Attention: During hot oil cleaning, the temperature of the oil should not exceed 20 ℃.

2. Bearings hardened with soft dry oil or rust preventive paste should be immersed in hot engine oil at 100 ℃~200 ℃, clamped with pliers, and cleaned of oil stains on the bearings with a brush. Soft dry oil or anti rust paste can melt when heated to 100 ℃~200 ℃, making it easy to wash out from the gaps in the bearings. Sometimes just shake the bearing multiple times in the oil. Oil stains can also flow away from cracks.

By using the above two methods, oil stains on cylindrical roller bearings can be easily removed, in order to better utilize the effectiveness of lubricating oil, protect bearings, and extend their service life. In most cases, the failure of bearings is caused by improper installation and lubrication. Therefore, the installation and lubrication maintenance of bearings are important operations.